Your dog will feel at home at K- Kountry

We redefine pet boarding with our exceptional cage-free services.

At K9 Kountry, we understand that your furry friends deserve a home away from home, and that’s exactly what we provide with our unique slumber party atmosphere.

Gone are the days of traditional kennels and confined spaces – our cage-free boarding ensures that your dogs enjoy the freedom to roam and socialize in a safe and supervised environment. Picture it as a slumber party for your pets, where they can make new friends, play to their heart’s content, and snooze in cozy corners at their leisure.

We always prioritize quality over quantity, and that’s why we limit our boarding services to a maximum of 25 dogs at a time. This exclusive approach allows us to provide personalized attention to each furry guest, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for all.

Our dedicated staff is committed to creating a homely environment, complete with comfortable sleeping arrangements and engaging activities. You’re guaranteed a boarding experience that goes beyond the conventional, providing your pets with the love, care, and freedom they deserve while you’re away.


Check out by 12pm day of pick up.
After 12pm additional daycare fees will apply.*


*Cancellation must be made within 48 hours to avoid fees
Holiday rates- starting $95 can vary depending on availability**
**Cancellation must be made within 5 days to avoid fees

Add ons

Enrichment daily


Swim pass daily (seasonal)


After Hours Checkout (1 hour after closing only)


Nail clip and grind


Ear cleaning


Teeth brushing




Monthly Packages


1 day a week


2 days a week


3 days a week


Monthly Packages


5 Day 4 hour Swim Lessons


5 day


20 day





Swimming Fun at K-9 Kountry

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