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Our daycare is more than just a place for your canine companion to spend the day—it’s a vibrant hub for socialization and exercise.

At K9 Kountry, we understand the importance of a socially fulfilled dog, and our carefully curated playgroups ensure that every pup has the opportunity to interact, make friends, and develop crucial social skills.

Our dedicated staff supervises and facilitates these interactions, creating a safe and positive environment where your dog can thrive and build lasting connections with fellow furry pals. Plus our enrichment program keeps dogs happily stimulated and entertained, while providing much needed mental exercise.

In addition to the engaging playgroups, our dog daycare at K9 Kountry offers a unique outdoor experience with a refreshing pool for your dog to enjoy. Our outdoor pool provides the perfect opportunity for dogs to cool off, splash around, and stay active in a controlled and supervised setting.

We prioritize both mental and physical stimulation to keep your canine companion happy and healthy. Join us for a daycare experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where socialization, exercise, and fun come together to create an environment where your dog can truly flourish.

Full Day


Half Day


4 hours from 7-11am, 8-12pm, 10am-2pm, 11am-3pm

*Cancellation must be made within 24 hours to avoid fees*

Add ons

Enrichment daily


Swim pass daily (seasonal)


After Hours Checkout (1 hour after closing only)


Nail clip and grind


Ear cleaning


Teeth brushing




Monthly Packages


1 day a week


2 days a week


3 days a week


Monthly Packages


5 Day 4 hour Swim Lessons


5 day


20 day





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