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Two acres of land & five different playground!

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All Dogs Welcome at the K-9 Kountry Social Club for Dogs

Our Mission and daily goal is to ensure our packs safety and health in our free roaming environment.

As a social club for dogs, ALL dogs are welcome regardless of breed, as long as they pass a strict temperament evaluation and can exist as a pack. We have a set capacity of 50 dogs at our 2800 sq. ft. facility with 2 acres of land set up with 5 different playgrounds.

We set all nannies and our packs up for success daily and offer an abundance of additional stimulation with our enrichment program so not only our pups have lots of fun with their fur friends but so they are also nice and tired for you parents as well, nothing is better than a tired happy pup!

Our Story

K9 Kountry. A country club. A family. A home.

Andreea and George met in 2006. George was a dedicated dog trainer for Protection and Training. Andreea was a dental assistant that excelled in hard work.

In the year 2009, George and Andreea tied the knot. Not only for their love, but for their K9 future as well. Once everything else was set in motion, they officially opened their facility for doggy daycare and boarding in October 2012.

Andreea wanted to expand her knowledge of the canine species to ensure her dogs were receiving the best care during their stay. Soon after she received a certificate of Pet Nutritionist from DNM University. George also changed training positions to Obedience Courses.

Andreea and George are helped and supported by their loving parents. They assist K9 Kountry in anyway they can. Such as those wonderful neck ties your fur babies go home with after a spa day. Did you know Andreea’s mother hand crocheted all of those?

As of 2019, they received another permanent family member/little helper. A loving son named Lincoln. Being a full time parent and full time business owner at all times of the day. They continue to balance their life and push through any obstacles in their way. Their family is truly unstoppable.

What started as a small business with a few clients, is now a big family with many dogs running among the house! Andreea and George put their heart and souls into everything they do. They will continue to better the business for the dogs every chance they get.

The Team

Nannies at work!


Vanessa is our General Manager who started with us over 8 years ago. Started as a Dog Nanny Specialist and has worked her way up to her current position. We are proud of everything Vanessa has accomplished in her many years here.


Josh decided to help our team out over 4 years ago and became our Property Maintenance Specialist. After a long time working with us, Josh has now transitioned into becoming one of our Dog Nanny Specialists while always ensuring our in and outdoor areas are properly maintained for safe play


Riley joined our family over 2 years ago as one of our Dog Nanny Specialists. Very quickly became our Enrichment Daycare Specialist. A very dedicated person to ensuring your dogs have an activity to play everyday!


Paige started with the company a little over a year ago as a Dog Nanny Specialist and is now currently the Administrative Assistant for the company. Making sure safety is always a priority during your dog’s stay.


Kody is our newest member of the team, but doesn’t make him any less family. In such a short amount of time he has shown how much he loves the dogs and will always put them first. Currently Kody is one of our Dog Nanny Specialists, but is also our Social Media Specialist.


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